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by spunky on August 22, 2010

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WordPress ThemesThe Neutral Blue WordPress theme was released today by Spunky Jones. This WP theme has a three column layout that is clean and a elegant look to it. Provisions have been made that will allow you to change it into a two column layout as well. The Neutral Blue WordPress theme supports multilevel drop down menu structure. We have also added support for the WP Page Navi plugin. When you install the plugin, it will switch over from the default paging system to pagination. The theme is compatible with WordPress versions 2.7 – 3.0.

There are easy instructions to change the theme from its default three column to two column design. We have also provided instructions to change the top padding, add image logo and change the background.

Neutral Blue WP Theme:

Neutral Blue WordPress Theme

For more details, please visit the Spunky Jones WordPress Themes section of this blog. Once you arrive, please use the theme switcher and select “NeutralBlue” to view the WP theme.

Hope this information was helpful to you, “Neutral Blue Free WordPress Theme Released by Spunky Jones” Be sure to share this with your friends on Twitter. Furthermore, I appreciate your time that you have spent here!

Spunky Jones.

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