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by spunky on July 19, 2010

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WordPress ThemesI have decided to release WordPress themes, once again. This time, the designers credit link that resides in the footer won’t be a sitewide link. Therefore, Google hasn’t any reason to find any backlink issues with these themes. The main reason is that the footer link isn’t a sitewide link, like you’ll find in most sponsored WordPress themes. Therefore, the designers link will only appear on the main page of your site.

The Golden Harvest Classic WordPress theme was developed by Spunky Jones and coded by Naif Amoodi. Our new theme designs are lightweight, using efficient code for performance and indexing. Furthermore, they are very clean with a nice look to them.

Our new WordPress themes are cross browser compatible and tested in IE 6, IE 7, FireFox, Opera, Sarafi and Chrome. They are also WordPress versions 2.7 to 3.0 tested and compliant.

Furthermore, these are still sponsored themes that require the footer credit to remain intact. However, I have made provisions that will allow you to remove the designers’ footer credit.

For more information, please visit the Spunky Jones WordPress theme’s section of this blog.

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Spunky Jones.

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