SEO PluginsMissing SEO Data is a plugin which can be useful to those who use popular SEO packs which are available for WordPress to find posts and pages where title, description or keywords are missing. In the past, Spunky Jones had released two individual plugins for the WordPress All in One SEO Pack and Platinum SEO Pack which were known as [ Continue Reading ]

Missing Data - All In One SEO Pack - Add-on PluginThe “Missing Data – All In One SEO Pack” Add-on, is a plugin which can be used with the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin. The “Missing Data – All In One SEO Pack” add-on searches your published posts and pages, that don’t contain a Title, Meta Description and Keywords. [ Continue Reading ]

open-post-pluginIntroducing the “Open Post plugin for WordPress“, another plugin creation from Naif Amoodi and Spunky Jones. If you require your users to register in order to leave post comments, this WordPress plug will be of special interest to you. [ Continue Reading ]

stop-hackersThere is no doubt in my mind that getting hacked would turn out to be a total bummer. Did you know that you can add an extra layer of security to your WordPress blog with the WordPress firewall plugin? This firewall plugin does a very good job of slowing down hackers that are determined to hack your blog. However, there isn’t any [ Continue Reading ]

Display Scheduled PostsWe have released a new version of our display schedule posts plugin for WordPress. This new version of 1.5, includes the ability to control the level of visibility of your users. This new feature was requested by blog owners who run WordPress with multiple users, who wanted to limit access [ Continue Reading ]

Bump the Schedule Plugin for WordPress

by spunky on September 3, 2009

in Plugins

bump-scheduleMany bloggers now days create content for their websites in advance and publish them using a time internal which is usually one to two posts a day or every two or three days. The Spunky Jones Blog is no exception. At Spunky Jones the articles that will be published are placed in a queue using the scheduled posts [ Continue Reading ]