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Spunky Jones

The main focus of Spunky Jones is on WordPress SEO Optimization Techniques for optimizing your WordPress Blog. Each week, Spunky Jones will bring you effective SEO strategies that are search engine friendly. Furthermore, because these tips are white hat SEO based, it will be very unlikely that you’ll get banned from the search engines.

SEO optimization strategies are needed, and they are very important if you want to avoid the common mistakes made by most webmasters. Not knowing the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques could make all the difference in the world of your website being reported or not being reported by your competitors and flagged by the search engines.

The Spunky Jones Blog covers many areas of interest to those webmasters wanting to optimize their WordPress Blog, from your most basic blogging tips and basic search engine optimization strategies, through to advanced proven SEO optimization techniques.

- – Other Search Engine Optimization related topics this SEO Blog covers – -
* Optimizing WordPress robots.txt file
* Optimizing WordPress Permalinks
* WordPress SEO
* Building backlinks in good neighborhoods
* Google PageRank (PR)
* RSS Feeds and RSS Subscribers
* Optimizing your Meta Tags
* Webmasters Ethics

In order to improve your search engine rankings and drive large amounts of traffic to your blog, you must employ effective SEO strategies. Furthermore, there is no one single route to effective search engine optimization, and you will need to employ different SEO optimization techniques and then monitor to see how well they work for you in your niche.

By adopting white hat SEO ethics, you can make just as good progress as those who employ black hat SEO techniques that run the risk of having a domain banned. However, it does require a bit more time and lots of hard work. Now, the question that stands, are you up for it?

Spunky Jones.